The Alejandro de la Sota Foundation

Alejandro de la Sota’s important contribution to the field of architectural education and his concern that his archives – spanning the entirety of his intellectually productive career – should be accessible to students, researchers and architects, inspired his heirs to set up a Foundation in 1997 bearing his name, which devotes itself to the preservation and dissemination of his work.

With this goal in mind, his complete archive has been meticulously catalogued and digitized, and a Web site,, has been set up to provide access to the material. It is now one of the world’s most comprehensive on-line digital archives focusing on the work of a single architect.

The Alejandro de la Sota Foundation has without doubt undertaken a pioneering project – the methods we are using to preserve and disseminate the archives lay the groundwork for what will eventually be an on-line virtual repository of Spanish architecture.

In 2013, we are commemorating the centenary of Alejandro de la Sota’s birth, (Pontevedra, 1913 – Madrid, 1996). To mark this auspicious occasion, we will take a further significant step by opening up our Web site to facilitate external collaboration and participation from all manner of users. This participatory project will be a unique experience on the international architecture scene.

The Alejandro de la Sota Foundation also seeks to share its experience with the owners of other architectural archives, thereby helping them to disseminate their contents to a wider audience.

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