Honorary member

Contributing Members and Honorary Members identify deeply with both the work and thoughts of the master and feel strongly inclined to support the dissemination of his work. They are also keenly aware of the level of resources required in order for us to succeed in our objectives, and are therefore happy to contribute and support the Foundation in a unique way.

Your help is essential to the continued dissemination of the work of Alejandro de la Sota.

Fill in the following FORM to join, and you can enjoy these numerous benefits:

  • Unlimited, direct download of watermark-free archive images.
  • Free guided tours of the works of Alejandro de la Sota in Madrid.
  • Receive copies of the Foundation’s publications as an introductory gift, and a further 50% discount on all items purchased from our store.
  • Invitations to enter our competitions and join in the many events organized by the Foundation.
  • 50% discount on all published archive material.

Honorary members:

Mauricio Sánchez-Bella Carswell (arquitecto, piloto)
Alicia Freire Vázquez (arquitecta)
Germán Rivas Caballero (bioquímico)
Juan Carlos Dubois (economista)
Ramón Andrada González-Parrado (arquitecto)
Alejandro Pazó Giménez de la Espada (geólogo)