Why is your contribution important?

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We are a private, non-profit foundation, funded entirely through our own activities, and by contributions from members and contributing institutions. Contributions are used exclusively to support the Foundation’s services for students, researchers, architects and the general public.

The Foundation’s principal activities revolve around the digital archive. We have succeeded in creating one of the most complete architectural archives available on the Internet today. Until the creation of our digital archive, access to this material was restricted while we searched for feasible ways to further our mission. We have always been aware of the need to promote the greatest possible dissemination of the rich cultural heritage that forms Alejandro de la Sota’s archive.

For this reason, and because we have always championed the idea of a living archive rather than a dormant one, we are launching an important project: All the contents of our digital archive will be fully accessible online! Furthermore, we will incorporate a tool for external collaborations: Users will be able to upload and share their own content related to Alejandro de la Sota’s life and work!

We here at the Foundation sincerely hope that you will find our enthusiasm contagious, and that you will be inspired to contribute to this ambitious project. Our digital archive will certainly be an important point of reference on the online architectural scene. Your help is very important to us!

Reasons for collaborating with the Alejandro de la Sota Foundation: 

  • We share your vision and values, based on our joint commitment to culture.
  • Besides participating in a project that supports modern Spanish architecture, you will also receive significant discounts on the Foundation’s publications and activities.
  • For more than 15 years, we have been working to make our archive one of the best in the world. Thanks to you, we will be able to continue doing just this.
  • We are a serious organization looking for long-term solutions, which means that the initiative to open up the archive and make it Internet 2.0-ready will be a significant milestone, since it will be accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Transparency is our natural modus operandi.

Your generous contributions would be most welcome, regardless of whether they come from an organization, in the form of sponsorship, or as a contribution to the expansion of our digital archive that will allow us to continue our work.